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85 per cent of phone users browse by mobile

85 per cent of phone users browse by mobile

Global survey confirms phone as the primary channel to the web.

Ad network BuzzCity, which specialises in serving ads to users in emerging markets, has just released its latest quarterly survey. And it proves emphatically that the world’s new web browsers are surfing from mobile devices.

It found 85 per cent of those surveyed prefer to use a mobile to browse the internet, and that 11 per cent use their mobiles for surfing at home instead of PCs.

Where possible they are surfing with multiple devices. Six per cent also surf with PC and 0.48 per cent with tablets.

This trend should accelerate as 27 per cent plan to buy a PC and 11 per cent a tablet within the next 12 months.

Dr KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, said: “Our latest user survey has brought to the fore how integral mobiles are to consumers lives today – regardless of age or occupation.  There is a strong preference for mobiles as the personal device that is connected 24/7, and that complements the PC or tablet experience.   

“So for marketers to take advantage of this consumer behaviour we would recommend considering all of these multiple platforms when it comes to campaigns and products, however keep in mind mobile first.”

By the end of August 2012 the BuzzCity network had served 131.5 billion banners, which surpassed its figure for whole of 2011 (126 billion).

The BuzzCity user survey questioned 10,800 people across 71 countries.