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My Author-page in Facebook!

My Author-page in Facebook!

Now I’m acting like a proper Author, got meself a facebook-page! Go ahead and like it!


Runo päivässä – Poem a Day

Runokoelma “Runo päivässä – Poem a Day” etenee huimaa vauhtia! Koossa on yli 50 runoa ja huomenna tulee kaupunkiuutisten toimittaja tekemmään juttua aiheesta! Tämä on yksi palkitsevimmista projekteista missä olen ollut mukana!

All thruths are half thruths

As North Whitehead  wrote- All thruths are half thruths
Reality is only your point of wiew, reality is not a fixed concept
your perceptions create your reality, but your perceptions are filtered by your past, your thoughts and your memes. It easily lets in the information, that lines up with that.


If you have no aspirations in life, you live your life purely reacting to opportunities in life.

But that is one choice.

If you are vigilant and true to yourself, you can have aspirations and pick the cherries nimbly from the cake called your life