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From Time-management to Thought-Management

Are you living your life

Are you living your life

Are you a slave to your calendar? How much of your time your brain is just idling, or having meaningless internal discussion? You have enormous brain-capacity. How much of that do you actually use.

Are your thoughts on autopilot, or are you really responsible of your thoughts?

Looking for poets/ runoilijat hakusessa!

Kanttarelli Publishing is looking for poems to be Published in ” Runo päivässä – Poem a Day”. So free the poet Inside you, and send your poems to info@kanttarellipublishing.com. English or Finnish, please! So far EVERYONE of over 50 received poems has been cleared to publication,

Kanttarelli Publishing etsii runoja kokoelmaansa “Runo päivässä – Poem a Day” avata rohkeasti pöytälaatikkosi ja lähetä runo info@kanttarellipublishing.com! Tähän mennessä KAIKKI yli 50 runosta on hyväksytty julkaisuun.