From my book “Transitions – a Jouney thought Hell”

“One such aspiration was writing a book. This is actually my second book. The first book didn’t see the light of day.

This is what happened:

It was that faithful journey from Seoul to San Diego, San Francisco, and to Helsinki with a lay-over in London. Earlier that week I’ve had a delicious dinner by our hosts in a very…’local’ restaurant. Dinner was delicious, but little did I know, that I left the restaurant with a very uninvited guest.

A leptospira bacteria.

Next morning I was feeling feverish. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from the first stage of Neuroleptospirosis, running a high fever, and feeling really sick.

I always traveled with two computers, one company-issued business-computer and one civilian computer. It is amazing how much free time one has in business-traveling. In lounges, during flights and generally just waiting.

So I decided to put that time on good use. I started writing a book about business-strategy in digital era. I had one version of the book in computer’s hard-drive, and a back-up copy in a memory stick. I was about 80% done with the book.

When I left Frisco, I was so sick that I decided to put my civilian computer in my luggage. Something I never do. But I was so weak, I could barely walk.

As faith would have it, the bag, with the computer and memory-stick inside it, was stolen.

Bye-bye book.

Welcome Neuroleptospirosis.

And good-bye to the life I had.

Ask, and the Universe replies.

But not in a way you expect.”


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