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Pain (9)

Pain (9)

I live, I breath
I let it rain on me

I seek, I ache
I try it not to break me

I laugh, I feel,
I make believe it is real

Am I strong enough?
Is my heart too broken?

Do I whine too much?
Am I too outspoken?

Do I make you laugh?
Should I try it harder?

I try as hard as I can
I hurt, I plead

I am down on my knees

I hold, I stand
I take it like a man

I try as hard as I can

Looking for Poets who want to get publishded!

Kanttarelli Publishing is compiling an anhtology called “Runo jpäivässä – Poem a Day”

We are looking for poets, that have not yet had the opportunity to get their poems published. All the Published poets get their picture into the cover of the book, and a free copy deliver to their home. All the poets retain the copyright to their work.

Send your poems to, include a picture, age and home-address (so that we can send the copy). We accept only Finnish or English poems

Editor of this antohogy is Anumari Väistö. Kanttarelli Publishing is planning to have the book out by summer 2014, and it will be sold at, major webstores, Amazon and selected book-stores. There will be published both as a paperback as well as e-book.

So, what are you waiting for?!


From Time-management to Thought-Management

Are you living your life

Are you living your life

Are you a slave to your calendar? How much of your time your brain is just idling, or having meaningless internal discussion? You have enormous brain-capacity. How much of that do you actually use.

Are your thoughts on autopilot, or are you really responsible of your thoughts?

Looking for poets/ runoilijat hakusessa!

Kanttarelli Publishing is looking for poems to be Published in ” Runo päivässä – Poem a Day”. So free the poet Inside you, and send your poems to English or Finnish, please! So far EVERYONE of over 50 received poems has been cleared to publication,

Kanttarelli Publishing etsii runoja kokoelmaansa “Runo päivässä – Poem a Day” avata rohkeasti pöytälaatikkosi ja lähetä runo! Tähän mennessä KAIKKI yli 50 runosta on hyväksytty julkaisuun.


My Author-page in Facebook!

My Author-page in Facebook!

Now I’m acting like a proper Author, got meself a facebook-page! Go ahead and like it!

All thruths are half thruths

As North Whitehead  wrote- All thruths are half thruths
Reality is only your point of wiew, reality is not a fixed concept
your perceptions create your reality, but your perceptions are filtered by your past, your thoughts and your memes. It easily lets in the information, that lines up with that.


If you have no aspirations in life, you live your life purely reacting to opportunities in life.

But that is one choice.

If you are vigilant and true to yourself, you can have aspirations and pick the cherries nimbly from the cake called your life

Elätkö vai eleletkö?

Koska lääkärit antoivat minulle kuolemantuomion, minun oli pakko miettiä tarkkaan, miten käytän jäljellä olevan aikani. Päätin käyttää sen tietoiseen

elämiseenimage (5)


Absoluuttista Totuutta ei ole, on vain meidän luoma mielikuva totuudesta. Minulla on ollut useita vääristyneitä kuvia totuudesta, jotka haittasivat elämääni.

 Ensin oli Strategiajohtajan kuva maailmasta: Oli vain työ, johon upotin kaikki aikani. Sitten oli Potilaan kuva: elämäni pyöri vain sairauden ja kivun ympärillä.

Nyt olen vain minä

Kuka minä olen? Oikeasti!

Miten minä määrittelen itseni? Työni kautta? Uskontoni kautta? Muiden mielipiteiden kautta?

Ensin määrittelin itseni työni kautta. Sitten sairauteni kautta. Nyt määrittelen itseni ajatusteni kautta