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Kanttarelli Publishing Julkaisee: Tapani Tulla: Runoja Rakkauden Ripulista

“Rakkaus ja ripuli tulevat yhtä yllättäen ja ja kumpikin jää pitkäksi aikaa mieleen”

Runot ovat sensuellia iloittelua ja kirpaisevan koskettavaa, elämänmakuista sana-akrobatiaa!

Sikamaisen hyvä, suosittelen!

Kirja ilmestyy Tammikuun lopussa, mutta on jo ennakkotilattavissa Kanttarellin kaupasta www.kanttarellipublishing.com/kauppa

From my book “Transitions – a Jouney thought Hell”

“One such aspiration was writing a book. This is actually my second book. The first book didn’t see the light of day.

This is what happened:

It was that faithful journey from Seoul to San Diego, San Francisco, and to Helsinki with a lay-over in London. Earlier that week I’ve had a delicious dinner by our hosts in a very…’local’ restaurant. Dinner was delicious, but little did I know, that I left the restaurant with a very uninvited guest.

A leptospira bacteria.

Next morning I was feeling feverish. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from the first stage of Neuroleptospirosis, running a high fever, and feeling really sick.

I always traveled with two computers, one company-issued business-computer and one civilian computer. It is amazing how much free time one has in business-traveling. In lounges, during flights and generally just waiting.

So I decided to put that time on good use. I started writing a book about business-strategy in digital era. I had one version of the book in computer’s hard-drive, and a back-up copy in a memory stick. I was about 80% done with the book.

When I left Frisco, I was so sick that I decided to put my civilian computer in my luggage. Something I never do. But I was so weak, I could barely walk.

As faith would have it, the bag, with the computer and memory-stick inside it, was stolen.

Bye-bye book.

Welcome Neuroleptospirosis.

And good-bye to the life I had.

Ask, and the Universe replies.

But not in a way you expect.”



Thomas Sandin “Myrsky” ennakkotilattavissa

Thomas Sandin “Myrsky” ennakkotilattavissa

Suunnattoman hienoa saada tämä eeppinen eos myös pokkariksi kauppaan! Olen etuoikeutettu, kun oma kustantamoni, Kanttarelli Publishing, on saanut kunnian saattaa tämä mestariteos laajemmin saataville. Nyt teillä on mahdollisuus ennakkotilata kirja suoraan kustantamon kirjakaupasta. Kirja ilmestyy Tammikuussa 2014.